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Welcome to Lucky Devil Drag Racing, thank you for visiting our website. It probably means you are a drag race junkie? Or maybe you have found us by accident, and don’t really know what Drag Racing is?

Either way, we hope you see something you like and tell friends about us and the amazing sport we are involved in. We will not go in to the history of the sport in any great detail except that like any other form of competition, it becomes faster, quicker, more obsessive, more powerful, more technical and, oh yeah, more expensive!

But all joking aside, where else do you get to see a form of motorsport where every car is different to the next? No, I can’t think of anything either! Welcome to the ridiculously overpowered world of PRO-MODIFIED doorslammer racing!!!

Get to the track as soon as you can… You’re not listening are you?! Get to the track as soon as you can and see a 1963 Corvette racing against a 1941 Willys, or a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria, all with over 2000hp (that’s horsepower and no, its not a typing mistake!), reaching over 200mph in 6 seconds over a distance of a quarter of a mile! Oh, and needing two parachutes to slow down!

If you like what you see, tell others, if you don’t like what you see tell us, maybe we can help, and if you really like it maybe, just maybe you would like to get involved, in crewing, racing yourself or improving the profile of your business by sponsoring us.

Thanks for looking……

Wayne Nicholson




Lucky Devil Drag Racing