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“Well, we were very well prepared for our first ever trip to Hockenheim in Germany for the NitrOlympx. All the travel arrangements were made, our truck was complete with spares, tools, fuel and all the support equipment we needed and all the crew were very enthusiastic………..

What we didn’t expect were the track conditions, they were so poor. The story appears to be that, the drag strip was chemically cleaned to get rid off the rubber on it!! This was because the drag strip is part of a run off area for the F1 guys, who had raced there a couple of weeks earlier.

HockenheimWe tried, just like everyone else, to get down the track. I decided to leave the line in second gear and from idle…….. and it still went up in smoke…… pedalling it up the track gave us a 9.05!!! The track was so bad that Robert Joosten lost control and hit the wall during the burnout. So we decided to sit the rest of qualifying out.

We had finished 3rd after the first session, and were still 9th after the third. Quite a few guys didn’t complete all the sessions.

The event was eventually called off for all Pro classes…….. even 11 second sportsman cars were spinning the tyres… so we had no chance. However, not to be down hearted. We all still had a great time, fantastic weather, a great road trip (1498 miles), lots of laughs and another great experience.

hockenheim2Thanks to all the crew, Dennis, Adam, Joe and Tony. And the new recruits, Andy and Lee Kirk. Thank you! Not forgetting Belinda, who deserves a medal for keeping us all in check and looking after us for a week.

Of course, our sponsors really do a good job too…. Lucas Oil, NGK, Ally Fab, DentRepairs.co.uk and Originals Hot Rod Supply Co... we flew the flag for you all, THANKS GUYS!

Huge crowd at HockenheimHopefully the next time we are there the crowds will get to see a bit more of us, all 64,000 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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