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Lucas Oil support for 2013

2012_09_07_EuroFinals_231We are very pleased to say we have LUCAS OIL working with us again next year. We have had genuinely great results with LUCAS products. It would be very easy to say that a product is good when you are using it from a company that are supporting you but realistically, we couldn’t afford to use anything other than a truly great product.

We recently had a team gathering and one of the questions the crew asked was “are we still using LUCAS next year?” So, I am genuinely pleased with the continued support from LUCAS. I have recommended their products to others, again with great results, and it is great to know that we are known by others for using the brand and having good results with it.

Lucas OilTHANK YOU to www.lucasoil.co.uk for great products and support!


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