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On the Mend

As you may or may not know, At the Festival of Power this year we had a small set back in the form of a Crash on the track (If you haven’t read about it yet then check out the news post HERE!). Well as the Title suggest we are On the mend and will be hopefully out and ready for the Main event in May as things are looking at the moment.

We would like to say a Big thank you again for everyone who donated at the track! this really has help towards the cost of the repairs and to everyone who offered to lend a helping had it is much appreciated. Also a big thank you to all of our sponsors for sticking by us and their backing as all ways.

Life Isn’t An Audition!

If there is any Quote to live by then this is the one!, Without hesitation we jumped right back on the horse (Or race car Which is a couple of thousand horses) and got to work with it, No point feeling sorry for yourself. The car was run round to Webster’s Race Engineering … you may have seen us pulling the car round the back of the track.FB_IMG_1429131930958
FB_IMG_1429605940446 We would like to say a big thank you Andy Marshall who has put soo much time in to getting the front end ready to rock!
The front end was highly damaged and was taken to Marshall’s Body repair and Restoration to be pieced back together and moulded in to the shape it used to be. so far so good as the front end is in the last stages of primer and is ready to re-united with the car.FB_IMG_1429605935046

Also thank you to Matt Woods for capturing some amazing images of the process the car i going through at the moment in the Chassis repair stages!.

Amazing Photography once again hopefully next time it’ll be a great action shot of a perfect 6 sec pass.

Thank you again everyone for taking the time to read this to support us and to cheer us on!

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