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Main Event Wrap up

A Bank holiday weekend with sun?…. Sounds too good to be true but that’s what we had! A great weekend at Santa pod Amazing Weather, Great Friends and Awesome Drag Racing.

With the Main Event being a big event in the calendar for us, especially after the Incident that we had at the Festival of power we began to prep early and that we did.

Wayne & Gareth both set off down to Track on Tuesday night after leaving the Truck at the Track the weekend before. On the way they made a quick stop at Heathrow airport to collect an additional member of the Crew who was landing Wednesday morning.

Flying in from America was Camp Stanley from Stanley and Weiss Racing Who was here to help the Lucky Devil team get to grips with there new found power and help with the tuning process since we had additional systems on the car. If you don’t know about Camp (Would be surprised if you didn’t) then just give his name a google or ask any Drag Racer if they know who Camp Stanley is. Everyone has a story to tell about this guy! he is one of a kind and a fountain on knowledge.

20th May 2015

After picking up Camp from the Airport we headed towards Santa pod to start a ‘Long’ weekend of drag racing!, stopping along the way for some food in a sleepy little village (That’s a whole other story though, check out Camp’s tale of events Here). Getting to the track the truck was already there and Richard Harker (Chief) met us there and we began to unload the car and the rest of the trucks contents. Since the Devil was in the accident at the last event and this was the first time it had been back on all fours with everything back in its right place and the wiring pretty much back in place, We had to tow it round to webster’s for base lining, which luckily is just on the entrance to the track.

All base lined and Ready to rock we brought the car back round to the pits and set up the rest of the pit, tools out flooring down and awning up!. Since we wouldn’t be racing until Thursday at the latest this gave us time to get used to the new software and hardware on the car and what it can do for us.

21st May 2015

Sun?! That can’t be right….. are we even at Santapod? Surprisingly true, Thursday was a day for tinkering and fine tuning with the help of legend him self camp Stanley, He was even nice enough to leave us with a nice memento of his visit.
22nd May 2015

With Friday being a dead day for racing with the pro-mod teams we had extra time to learn about our system and even enjoy abit of socializing with Trouble Racing Who had welcomed us round to their Pit that they were sharing with Turboville Racing Andy one of the team members of Trouble racing had cooked up and amazing Pulled pork meal that had been cooking slowly from midnight the night before, Complements to the chef! With the rest of the night filled with laughter and piss taking we retired to our pits ready for the racing ahead of us on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Saturday – Monday
23rd – 25th May 2015

With the car all in one shape since the crash and the problems from last years season out of the way we was back at square one with trying to get the power on to the track and learn about how the new tyres will put up with the power. The Driver (Wayne Nicholson) did a great job with getting the car down the track to get the all important valuable information that we need to help tune the car and get it down to the low sixes where we should be.

All in all the weekend of racing was a great success, we didn’t qualify but the team was happy the driver was happy the car was back in one piece and working as it should. all that is left to do now is to work on improving the performance and getting up there with the big dogs and racing in the low sixes.

Thank you once again to everyone of our crew for their hard work over the weekend and for their effort they put in on and off the track!
Thank you to Camp Stanley for taking the time out of his busy schedule to take us under his wing and teach us some valuable car lessons and life lessons
and most of all thank you to our sponsors and fans without you guys none of this is possible!



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