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Shop is now open!!!!


We now have an online shop!!

which will be selling all of our merchandise! with thank you to Awesome Merchandise and Monster Press who have created some amazing products for you guys to enjoy! We will be shipping across the UK and to most of EUROPE an our friends across the pond USA.

This year we have brought back the Lucky devil racing Tee which was on such popular demand last time we had it, it sold out faster then we could bag them!
With a Great design by Power Race Graphics that is brought to life by some High Quality printing by Monster Press
We also have a new addition this year, Thanks to Awesome Merchandise for their amazing products and customer service, The snap back! With the devil face sitting front and center on the silver and black snap back that’s designed to fit all heads!

So stop by the shop now and place your order Today!


Thank you once again for your support as fans! its great to hear that we have such a following and the amazing things people have to say about the team and the car! see you all at the mopars!!

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Lucky Devil Drag Racing