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Air Ambulance Fund Raising

A quick reminder about this weekend at the track.
As Some of you may or may not know, Lucky Devil Drag racing was Born from a serious accident that happened 12 years ago this September. This accident was on the way to the European finals back in 2003 with our old car.
Unfortunately the car and the team in the Camper didn’t make it to the track that day as the Accident, Caused by a Articulated Lorry Wiped out both the Box trailer carrying the Race car, The camper carrying the Crew and pushing it in to the back of Military low loader Carrying a tank. In the camper Was Wayne driving Dave Billadeau and Joe Nicholson (Wayne’s youngest son). fortunately Joe and Dave where able to walk away from the accident with a few cuts and bruises, but Wayne on the other had was a little stuck. The accident had caused him to be stuck in the camper’s Drivers seat and the force of the accident had broken bones in his right leg hip and right hand. As a result of all this the motorway was closed for over 7 hours (sorry to anyone stuck behind it all) as they cut Wayne out and cleared up the debris, Wayne was airlifted to hospital and operated on that night to piece back together the jigsaw of bones that was left in his right leg and hip.


This brings us on to the Topic of the post. With the Quick response of the Air ambulance Wayne was able to get to the hospital in record time to get the Treatment he needed. With out this service We don’t know what could of happened. We would like to repay the favour almost 12 years late by raising as much as we can for such a great rescue service we have in this country, We pray you will not have to use them in your life time but it’s great to know that They are there just in case.

So if your Down at the track for the European finals Stop by our Pit Say a quick hello have a quick chat with us and if you really want to help a great cause then please donate! You never know when you might need it.

Also you can Donate online at our just giving page HERE

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