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Off to a good start!

Well 2016 has been and gone and 2017 is now here!


Over the winter we refreshed the motor and had a good think about the tuning and handling of the car. After finding a small part of the chassis that has been causing all of our handling problems since the car was built it is now set to go arrow straight! Now… we just need to get a handle on the power.

With our Primary sponsor of EMACS coming back on for a third year, Big thank you to them!, we where set for a good year!

Festival of Power

With it being the first event of the year you can expect a couple of teething problems with a refreshed motor and a cold track.

Well neither of these where the problem for us, We had a small gremlin that had followed us from last year! This gremlin was the Gearbox Gremlin and we just couldn’t shake it. We had the Gear box out 4 times in one day and we could put a F1 pit crew to Shame with our wheel removal speeds! but we still couldn’t squash the bug!, After finally finding it we had 2 passes to make to Qualify on the Sunday try and get down the track. On the start line the burn out felt great and there was a sigh of relief!. Unfortunately this was short lived as the marshals signalled us to cut the engine and push back!…. there was a leak… and yep… you guess it… Trans fluid!  …S#$T! Getting it back to the pits our team got on to finding where the leak came from while the driver and Crew Chief sat down to discuss their options. After a bad couple of years of racing the stress and ups and down had taken its toll on the driver/owner and he gave the command to pack up and Leave…. So that sums up Easter.  Re grouping and discussing the problems faced and planning a return we awaited for the Main Event!.

Main Event (and test and tune)

Before the main event our Driver decided he wanted to enter the Test and Tune the weekend before just to get some track time. After some prep work we got to the start line and ran a nice fast, but safe 6.72!. With the popularity of the event we didn’t have enough time to turn the car round and get down to the start line again. But with this number we had a Stepping stone to work from and the driver and tuner could put their heads together to work out a game plan for the main event!

Main event weekend and we had the weather on our side! The driver had stayed down at the track for a week or ‘Relaxation’. Turning up on the Thursday morning we was able to get a Test runs in with a pretty good time and some good data to work from! 

Now the game plan was set!, we would slowly chip away at our ET bit by bit over the weekend and that’s exactly what we did!

Saturday 27th – We ran our first run and it was perfect! 6.5220 198.01!… but the Top end speed was a little down…. hmmm after looking at the data and noticing the burst plate had gone just after 1000ft we could see the fuel shut of had moved through the run and in theory the Engine had leaned out. After finding this we decided to Skip Q2 and check over the engine. We found we had nipped a ring in cylinder 5 so a Piston swap was needed, whilst out we ran general maintenance.

May 28th – after a quick repair and a piston swap we are back to run again! Q3  was a great run! and you can tell just by the reaction of the crew (One member in particular) We have a video below check it out!

May 29th – Eliminations day!, so we made it! we are in the Eliminations and we drew a short straw.ly.. Andy Wright & BA Racing ‘The Hot Rod’, he finished 2nd last year overall in the MSA championship!. As we have encounted him before we know he likes to play games on the tree. So before we went down we decided to do our own thing and just run it as a solo run as we didnt expect to beat him. But fate has a way of working and with the new automatic time out on the tree Andy timed out on the tree and gave an automatic win to us!

Round 2 of the eliminations and we paired with David Vegter….damn… another quick car…. unfortunately David had broke and was out… or so we thought… with the bad weather coming through on and off rain pushed back to the Round of Eliminations until 5pm. we kept our fingers crossed that it would dry up in time so we could do our Solo run. But as soon as the rain had broke and the track dried we heard the all familiar sound of a golf buggy pushing a race car. Down the pairing lanes came David he had managed to fix the car in the time it took to dry the track and the rain to stop. So round to the start line and ready to go,  it was a pedal fest for us with Tyre shake on the launch and a quick driving job by the driver and back on the throttle to run a 7,1172 at 207mph but it wasn’t enough to beat David’s 6.13 236mph epic come back!.

That was it we was out in round 2 but it was a welcome change to the last few years!

We would like to say a big thank you to our Sponsors and Crew (we will be updating the crew page shortly with some information about the guys and girls)

Thank you to our amazing fans who have supported us all the way through good and bad times!

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