2016 Sponsors announcement

As you all probably know by now Drag racing isn’t a cheap or easy sport. And teams like to approach companies to help them run their cars for advertisement.

With this said id like to announce newest sponsors to 2016 drag racing seasons Sponsor list for lucky devil drag racing!

‘Drum roll please’


Paint Killers

Paint Killers is a newly set-up company but don’t let that fool you, 3M approved and with over 5 years experience already in the field of graphic application to cars (Wrapping) this small but powerful company really gets the job done!. As their name suggest killing paint is what they do best! from full car wraps to interior trim and detailing

Check them out here >>  Website


 STS Imports

STS Imports are relatively speaking a young company having started trading in the summer of 2003 when Ron Fenton decided to turn his hobby into a business. We supply quality, inspected new and used vehicles from the United States. With offices in Chelmsford, Austin Texas and Apopka Florida we are able to source your new vehicle or search for a used vehicle to your specifications. they buy speculatively for their own stock but offer large discounts when buying a vehicle to order.

Check them out here >>  Website

Classic American Car Sales

Classic American car sales are the Essex specialist for the finest American Ford Mustangs, We sell the finest classic mustang convertible, coupe and fastback mustangs available in the UK. Come and see our Mustangs. We specialise in mustangs and other American classics here in Essex, UK.

Chec them out here >> Website 


We want to say a big thank you and welcome to the Lucky Devil drag racing family!

As well as the new sponsors this year check out the Sponsor page for all returning sponsors! and information on each of them!

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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New look for the devil!

So a couple of months ago we got in touch with an old school friend of Gareth’s who now runs a vehicle wrapping company (Paint Killers) in our local town Ossett.



With the car being freshly painted and in need of a spice up we thought we would mix old with new and approach them for a custom design on the devil.


With almost no hesitation he agreed and got to work on thinking of a way to bring the devil back from the flames once again!


Have a look at the video below!




2016 – A New Year

Happy new year!!!

I know its a little late, But we hope you had a great Christmas and new year!

A quick recap of last year

As you know last year started off on a bit of down with the accident at Easter , but with help from our amazing crew and sponsors we managed to get the car back on the track in record time!
The rest of the year was spent getting used the new set-up of the car with the help of a great friend Camp Stanley from Stanley and Weiss Racing  and the rest of our amazing crew. The unfortunate side is that we do not have enough track time through the year to do proper testing and as many runs as we would like. So as we managed to get used to the car the season was over and the winter refurbish started.

Fast forward to the current day!

As the new year has just started and we are half way through the prep for the new season we have already begun to think of the game plan for this year and have a few announcements to make….. but in due time! (so stay on the edge of your seat folks!)

We would like to say a great big thank you ,again, to everyone who donated to the Air Ambulance Charities last year we managed to raise a grand total of £576.45.

That’s it so far but keep your eyes peeled as we will have some big announcements to make over the coming months!

Again a big thank you to all the #LuckyDevil Fans out there your support is amazing! couldn’t as for a better fan base!