European finals wrap up

The European finals have all ways been a favourite of the team, where else do you see this many teams from so many different countries? This year Was just as great if not better!.

As you all know we have had a trying two years with the car but have kept at it and stuck in there. This event really has helped lift the spirits of the team and really shows how much support we have out there from you guys!. First of all id like to thank our crew, These guys are really worth their weight in gold! they keep going and get stuck in when the times are hard. I promise we will have a smoother year next year. And also a great Big thank you to the guys and girls who keep Santapod running like clock work, it cant be an easy job but you guys pull it off!
But to say this weekend has been un-eventful would be a lie, first of all The driver’s birthday normally falls on the same weekend as this event, this year being no exception. To celebrate your birthday at the track is a great experience, Drag racing is almost as if you have an extended family! everyone who knows you wishes you happy birthday through out the weekend and you even get it announced over the loud speakers. Most of all you get to spend it with those closest to you, family and crew. oh and did i mention there is cake. But not any normal cake, we didnt pack any candles so NGK spark plugs had to be substituted.
As for the racing this weekend we really have progressed and even managed to over come a small issue within the car at the end of the weekend. As much as we would like to get back to where we was straight away, we are closer than ever and next event should allow us to get there. We would like to also congratulate all those who ran new PBs over the course of the weekend, there is just too many to mention names but congratulations to you all, there was some great racing over the weekend from everyone.
We would also like to extend our thanks to 2 of our sponsors who managed to make the trip down to support the team Both EMACS and Martin’s auto centre came down over the weekend to support the team and see us run. Thank you guys for making the trip and we hope to be working with you both in the 2016 season.

And finally we would like to thank everyone in the racing community for their great donations. So far we have raised £576.45 for the charities and we plan on making more for them! if you wish to donate you still can, just head over to our just giving page by clicking the image below!

Thank you guys for support and as all ways See you at the track!

Air Ambulance Fund Raising

A quick reminder about this weekend at the track.
As Some of you may or may not know, Lucky Devil Drag racing was Born from a serious accident that happened 12 years ago this September. This accident was on the way to the European finals back in 2003 with our old car.
Unfortunately the car and the team in the Camper didn’t make it to the track that day as the Accident, Caused by a Articulated Lorry Wiped out both the Box trailer carrying the Race car, The camper carrying the Crew and pushing it in to the back of Military low loader Carrying a tank. In the camper Was Wayne driving Dave Billadeau and Joe Nicholson (Wayne’s youngest son). fortunately Joe and Dave where able to walk away from the accident with a few cuts and bruises, but Wayne on the other had was a little stuck. The accident had caused him to be stuck in the camper’s Drivers seat and the force of the accident had broken bones in his right leg hip and right hand. As a result of all this the motorway was closed for over 7 hours (sorry to anyone stuck behind it all) as they cut Wayne out and cleared up the debris, Wayne was airlifted to hospital and operated on that night to piece back together the jigsaw of bones that was left in his right leg and hip.


This brings us on to the Topic of the post. With the Quick response of the Air ambulance Wayne was able to get to the hospital in record time to get the Treatment he needed. With out this service We don’t know what could of happened. We would like to repay the favour almost 12 years late by raising as much as we can for such a great rescue service we have in this country, We pray you will not have to use them in your life time but it’s great to know that They are there just in case.

So if your Down at the track for the European finals Stop by our Pit Say a quick hello have a quick chat with us and if you really want to help a great cause then please donate! You never know when you might need it.

Also you can Donate online at our just giving page HERE

Shop is now open!!!!


We now have an online shop!!

which will be selling all of our merchandise! with thank you to Awesome Merchandise and Monster Press who have created some amazing products for you guys to enjoy! We will be shipping across the UK and to most of EUROPE an our friends across the pond USA.

This year we have brought back the Lucky devil racing Tee which was on such popular demand last time we had it, it sold out faster then we could bag them!
With a Great design by Power Race Graphics that is brought to life by some High Quality printing by Monster Press
We also have a new addition this year, Thanks to Awesome Merchandise for their amazing products and customer service, The snap back! With the devil face sitting front and center on the silver and black snap back that’s designed to fit all heads!

So stop by the shop now and place your order Today!


Thank you once again for your support as fans! its great to hear that we have such a following and the amazing things people have to say about the team and the car! see you all at the mopars!!

Main Event Wrap up

A Bank holiday weekend with sun?…. Sounds too good to be true but that’s what we had! A great weekend at Santa pod Amazing Weather, Great Friends and Awesome Drag Racing.

With the Main Event being a big event in the calendar for us, especially after the Incident that we had at the Festival of power we began to prep early and that we did.

Wayne & Gareth both set off down to Track on Tuesday night after leaving the Truck at the Track the weekend before. On the way they made a quick stop at Heathrow airport to collect an additional member of the Crew who was landing Wednesday morning.

Flying in from America was Camp Stanley from Stanley and Weiss Racing Who was here to help the Lucky Devil team get to grips with there new found power and help with the tuning process since we had additional systems on the car. If you don’t know about Camp (Would be surprised if you didn’t) then just give his name a google or ask any Drag Racer if they know who Camp Stanley is. Everyone has a story to tell about this guy! he is one of a kind and a fountain on knowledge.

20th May 2015

After picking up Camp from the Airport we headed towards Santa pod to start a ‘Long’ weekend of drag racing!, stopping along the way for some food in a sleepy little village (That’s a whole other story though, check out Camp’s tale of events Here). Getting to the track the truck was already there and Richard Harker (Chief) met us there and we began to unload the car and the rest of the trucks contents. Since the Devil was in the accident at the last event and this was the first time it had been back on all fours with everything back in its right place and the wiring pretty much back in place, We had to tow it round to webster’s for base lining, which luckily is just on the entrance to the track.

All base lined and Ready to rock we brought the car back round to the pits and set up the rest of the pit, tools out flooring down and awning up!. Since we wouldn’t be racing until Thursday at the latest this gave us time to get used to the new software and hardware on the car and what it can do for us.

21st May 2015

Sun?! That can’t be right….. are we even at Santapod? Surprisingly true, Thursday was a day for tinkering and fine tuning with the help of legend him self camp Stanley, He was even nice enough to leave us with a nice memento of his visit.
22nd May 2015

With Friday being a dead day for racing with the pro-mod teams we had extra time to learn about our system and even enjoy abit of socializing with Trouble Racing Who had welcomed us round to their Pit that they were sharing with Turboville Racing Andy one of the team members of Trouble racing had cooked up and amazing Pulled pork meal that had been cooking slowly from midnight the night before, Complements to the chef! With the rest of the night filled with laughter and piss taking we retired to our pits ready for the racing ahead of us on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Saturday – Monday
23rd – 25th May 2015

With the car all in one shape since the crash and the problems from last years season out of the way we was back at square one with trying to get the power on to the track and learn about how the new tyres will put up with the power. The Driver (Wayne Nicholson) did a great job with getting the car down the track to get the all important valuable information that we need to help tune the car and get it down to the low sixes where we should be.

All in all the weekend of racing was a great success, we didn’t qualify but the team was happy the driver was happy the car was back in one piece and working as it should. all that is left to do now is to work on improving the performance and getting up there with the big dogs and racing in the low sixes.

Thank you once again to everyone of our crew for their hard work over the weekend and for their effort they put in on and off the track!
Thank you to Camp Stanley for taking the time out of his busy schedule to take us under his wing and teach us some valuable car lessons and life lessons
and most of all thank you to our sponsors and fans without you guys none of this is possible!



On the Mend

As you may or may not know, At the Festival of Power this year we had a small set back in the form of a Crash on the track (If you haven’t read about it yet then check out the news post HERE!). Well as the Title suggest we are On the mend and will be hopefully out and ready for the Main event in May as things are looking at the moment.

We would like to say a Big thank you again for everyone who donated at the track! this really has help towards the cost of the repairs and to everyone who offered to lend a helping had it is much appreciated. Also a big thank you to all of our sponsors for sticking by us and their backing as all ways.

Life Isn’t An Audition!

If there is any Quote to live by then this is the one!, Without hesitation we jumped right back on the horse (Or race car Which is a couple of thousand horses) and got to work with it, No point feeling sorry for yourself. The car was run round to Webster’s Race Engineering … you may have seen us pulling the car round the back of the track.FB_IMG_1429131930958
FB_IMG_1429605940446 We would like to say a big thank you Andy Marshall who has put soo much time in to getting the front end ready to rock!
The front end was highly damaged and was taken to Marshall’s Body repair and Restoration to be pieced back together and moulded in to the shape it used to be. so far so good as the front end is in the last stages of primer and is ready to re-united with the car.FB_IMG_1429605935046

Also thank you to Matt Woods for capturing some amazing images of the process the car i going through at the moment in the Chassis repair stages!.

Amazing Photography once again hopefully next time it’ll be a great action shot of a perfect 6 sec pass.

Thank you again everyone for taking the time to read this to support us and to cheer us on!

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An Unfortunate start (Festival Of Power 2015)

Well what a weekend it has been!

It’s Fair to say that we will not be wanting to have one like that again any time soon!.
To break down what happened; Over the winter there have been a few changes to our set up, these changes in turn have given us extra power which will help us compete with everyone in the class. With the Festival Of Power being the first and earliest event this year the weather conditions have been far from perfect.
Friday (1st full day) was meant to be the first round of Qualifying but due to adverse weather conditions (Rain, Rain & more Rain) this didn’t happen. Fortunately this gave us time to run the car up and test the new installs that had been done over the winter.

Saturday 4th April 2015

With the Santapod Crew hard at work from the early morning drying the track from the Day before the clouds where still grey and looming over the pod. But the first round of Qualifying was soon to be underway. With being the 5th class out but the one with the most power, the track itself wasn’t too sticky, The Start line appeared to be cold and there was still a damp in the air. Wayne pulled up to water spun the wheels like he normally does and rolled forward towards the start line before jumping back on the throttle and producing a nice straight burn out. Once he was backed up and pre-flight checks had been carried out, Wayne was rolled forward in to Pre-stage and then in to stage waiting for Bobby to drop into stage also. The light burned down and the green light lit up, Bobby reacted straight away with a unfortunate outcome of tyre shake. Whilst Wayne Launched hard with a short delay, Fairly straight and strong pull a 1.0133 sixty foot.
Once getting up to speed 2nd gear was pulled and that’s when the Rear end of the car began to slide away, due to the amount of Power that was being transferred on to such a cold surface the wheels span sending the back of the car towards the right hand wall. Being so close to the right wall the wheelie bars clipped the wall bending them up and pushing the car across the track towards the left hand lane and left hand wall. Crossing the centre line paint the car seems to speed up colliding head on with the left wall ( As you will see in the video) . on the impact the Oil tank was split wide open and the fuel feed hose from the bottom of the fuel cell ripped clean off spilling a mixture of fuel and oil (The Blue Stuff) on to the track as the car carried on sliding up the wall. The Santapod Crew Reacted as quick as ever with both start line and finish line safety crew reached the car within a matter of seconds. Wayne managed to pull himself out of the car with no injuries and is fine, unfortunately the same can not be said about the car.


A big thank you to all of our Sponsors who without none of this would be possible.

Eurodragster have been nice enough to supply the video from their webcam in the tower giving a birds eye view of what went on down on the track.