Lucky Buggy

We will be using our pit buggy again from the Main Event onwards. A big thank you goes to Custom Coach Trimming for the fantastic job they have done recovering the seats… you cant miss it!

Of course the buggy will be wearing all of our sponsors names… thank you guys.

Early start to the season

“Well, the start to the drag racing season couldn’t have been more mixed… In the weeks before our first event, the weather was absolutely atrocious. As cold as you could expect and SNOW… lots of it! My sanity was questioned on more than one occasion… “Wayne are you sure we should be going racing?” We had spent a lot of time on the car over the Winter – repairing the damage we had at the last event of 2012, checking the motor and giving it a freshen up, checking all the shocks and springs, rebuilding the Lenco and Bruno, checking and altering the Torque Converter, fitting a new Racepak data logger… so I was itching to try it all out.

Loading the car in to the truck the week before Easter was almost like an expedition, we had to dig the truck out of two foot of snow, and tow the race car out of the garage, usually we can just push it, but even though we had cleared as much snow as we could, we couldn’t get a firm grip on the drive to just push it.

So, with my sanity constantly checked throughout the following few days, I set off to Jon Webster’s on the Thursday morning with Joe. Jon was his usual very helpful self and we set about setting the car up after its full overhaul during the winter… which it still felt like… freezing! Jon and I discussed a few things and finished setting the car to our liking. After loading the car back in the truck, Joe and I went for a meal locally, and then got an early night.

The crew at the Festival of Power 2013Friday morning we headed to Santa Pod, ready for the weekend ahead and the brand new track. A few teams had decided not to show, supposedly due to the cold weather and the new virgin track surface. However, everyone in Pro-Mod showed up, all six teams.

All our crew duly arrived (thanks guys) and we got everything ready and set up, got the car scrutineered and finished programming the new Racepak.

Preparing for qualifyingQualifying the next day was taken easy due to the FREEZING COLD conditions but we found ourselves number one qualifier with a 7.62 at 210mph… I guess everyone else was trying too hard. Andy Robinson then put a fine 6.9 on the board for the new number 1 in his brand new ’69 Camaro and then promptly sat the rest of qualifying out.


Trying to keep warm!Light flurries of snow were experienced on a few occasions during the day and another bitterly cold night was experienced by us all… we had two out of our three heaters fail and our toaster! A prompt visit to Machine Mart in Peterborough was needed for some new heaters, only for one of them to fail too… We were all struggling to keep warm and keep the motor warm in the race car too, because a warm motor works far better.

Sunday came and we tried another approach to the track and conditions. The new racing surface is great and a true credit to everyone at Santa Pod. We just need some of the “newness” wearing off of it and some warmth in the track. Our first attempt on Sunday saw us with massive “tyre shake” but some good data anyway.

It was our very last qualifier that saw everything come together, even with a track temp of only 41°F and the temp in the water box of ZERO!!! The car hooked up real good with a 1.04 sixty foot, short shifting through both shifts, a dead straight run… crossing the line with a 6.69 at 214.85mph!!!! Your new number one qualifier and a New Personal Best speed. Oh, did I mention we had soft snow flakes falling in the pairing lanes too?!! And still everyone else was struggling. You can see from the photos how cold it was.

This is a clip of the in-car footage on the number one qualifying run.

To say we were pleased was an understatement… the long hours over the winter and the determination to attend in the bitter cold weather conditions were working.

Heading to the pairing lanesRace day at The Festival Of Power. We had a bye run in the first round due to the uneven amount of cars and us being number one. We decided to repeat everything from the previous day, just to see if the conditions would be the same… tyre shake was the answer but we were on a solo pass anyway.

For round two we were paired against Rick Garrett in his swoopy ’41 Willys. Going into stage on the lights was probably the very worst time for the air bottle to give up!!! Basically we have solenoids on our transmission and these need to be activated on the start line, only we didn’t have enough air… so a big fat RED LIGHT was duly shown on my side of the tree!!! Frustrating isn’t the word… Rick went on to win the event against Andy Robinson in the final… and we had to console ourselves.

Hopefully The Main Event will be a bit warmer!If you had told me the week before we would be number one qualifier, with a new PB for speed and come home with some great data, and having experienced a great new track I wouldn’t have believed you, due to all the poor weather. Not too shabby at all 🙂

Thanks as ever to our great sponsors and crew, without whom all this would not be possible.

Our next outing is The Main Event at the end of May… I can’t wait.”


Lucky Devil welcomes Custom Coach Trimming

We are delighted to announce that yet another sponsor will be supporting the Lucky Devil team this season… Custom Coach Trimming.

Custom Coach Trimming provide full custom re-trims and minor repairs, as well as supplying and installing audio and visual systems. They have great experience with classics, hot rods, muscle cars, VWs, motor homes and of course race cars… pretty much anything that needs fantastic quality work. Head over to their website and check out the showroom to see for yourself. So if you need a re-trim, look no further!

You can contact them on: 01386 834454

Visit their website:

Custom Coach Trimming

2013 Sponsorship

We have now had confirmation that all our sponsors from last year have agreed to support us once again for the 2013 season!

Big thanks go to Lucas Oil, NGK, AllyFab, DentRepairs and longtime supporter Originals Hot Rod Supply Co.. Please visit our sponsors page for more on the great products and services that they offer, and be sure to head over to their websites or give them a call to see what they can do for you.


We cannot wait for the season to start and we will be trying our hardest to make our sponsors and fans proud!

If you would like to join them and promote your company with the Lucky Devil Drag Racing team, please contact us.

Lucky Devil in the national press!

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond has posted an article on the Daily Mirror website highlighting some of the motorsport events forthcoming this year and the Lucky Devil takes pride of place at the top of the page with a tyre smoking burnout shot!

Photo by Ian BlackettCheck it out here: 2013 Calendar of Motoring Events

Santa Pod’s Summer Nationals is the highlighted drag racing event but the season does of course begin at Easter so keep an eye out for more updates soon!

Lucas Oil support for 2013

2012_09_07_EuroFinals_231We are very pleased to say we have LUCAS OIL working with us again next year. We have had genuinely great results with LUCAS products. It would be very easy to say that a product is good when you are using it from a company that are supporting you but realistically, we couldn’t afford to use anything other than a truly great product.

We recently had a team gathering and one of the questions the crew asked was “are we still using LUCAS next year?” So, I am genuinely pleased with the continued support from LUCAS. I have recommended their products to others, again with great results, and it is great to know that we are known by others for using the brand and having good results with it.

Lucas OilTHANK YOU to for great products and support!