New Sponsors to be announced

With the new race season about to start! We have a few announcements and changes to be made!

We have been busy at Lucky Devil HQ, There really is no off-season in Drag racing, From the building of a new Support Vehicle to the repairing and up keep of the Devil its self. Our First Big Thank you goes out to the Crew who never Quit!, come Rain or shine they are all ways there willing to work through they day to get things done. It has all paid off now as we have finally got the Lucky Devil fired up.

As you can see from the title of this post we have some Exciting news!

Over the winter period Both Wayne Nicholson & Gareth Nicholson have been working on gaining extra support from Business both locally and nationally. As you know it can be a hard task approaching companies for sponsorship, but it seems they have succeeded and come out on top!. Acquiring additional Secondary sponsors to add to their Profile of support, Plus one primary sponsor (All to be revealed soon)

10 days until the first event will be upon us!, The Festival of power, *inhales* ahhhh i can almost smell the methanol!!

Hope to see you all there!

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Mopar Nationals

A big thank you to Kirstie Tramm for this amazing photo!!!


Santa Pod ‘Summer’ Nationals Part1

Well the ‘Summer’ Nationals are here again and after a bit of time in the garage the Lucky Devil is ready to go again!.

Threatening skies
Good old British weather!
Well England never seems to let us down, after setting up the awning in a small thunder storm and heading up for scrutineering…

This is the sky that greeted us along with many other races…..and then the heavens opened!! Taking shelter under the scrutineering shelter for over an hour we managed to squeeze the car in and passed the inspection!



Saturday is now here and waking up to slightly blue sky and the heat of the sun is enough to put a smile on any pod-go-er’s face.

British SummertimeFirst pair out and ready to go, warm up done, car fuelled, crew ready and driver… erm… well I suppose that is debatable. But yet again mother nature has not let us down and we are back in the pits before we could even start the car! Now we take shelter in the awning and watch and wait!


Check back later on this weekend and see how we get on!!

Happy 2014!

Yeah, I know it’s a bit late and we are already tucking into our Easter eggs but we have been so busy down at the garage getting ready for our first championship round, introducing new crew members to each other (them and the car that is), updating and refreshing the car and replenishing our spares package we haven’t had a minute to sit down. Time seemed to have vanished from our last event in 2013 till today a couple of days before Easter! Wow!…

We would like to say a big thank you to our new team members who have pulled out all the stops to get us ready to roll for the first championship round this year, why not come round and say hi at The Festival Of Power at Santa Pod over Easter weekend, have a look round the Lucky Devil and meet the crew in person.

Meet The Team 2014

We would also like to thank each and every one of our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible! All last years sponsors are back with us for another action packed race season, so a big thank you to Lucas OilNGK, AllyFabDentRepairsCustom Coach Trimming and Originals Hot Rod Supply Co..

Lucas Oil
Custom Coach Trimming


If you would like to join them and promote your company with the Lucky Devil Drag Racing team, please contact us.

2014 Year of the Devil

Unlucky Devil

“The FIA European Finals at Santa Pod is the best way to spend your birthday. One of the reasons I enjoy this event so much is that it usually falls around my birthday….. 39 again!

We started our race weekend with quite an unexpected problem…. we had issues with our Bruno Drive and a torque converter. This meant a drive to Essex to get replacements! This racing is easy right?

Once we had built a new converter out of the two, that matched our spec, everything was back together. We had another little issue with starting and the idling of the engine… Anyway our first qualifier saw us lose the blower belt in the burnout, I kept the car idling down the track just reaching the first turn off.

Photo courtesy & © Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt perfectly captured the moment the belt ripped free! On its exit it damaged the belt guard, throttle cable and the bonnet so the evening was spent repairing and replacing those parts….

Wing damageThe next day, still with starting/ idling problems, we managed our second ever quickest run, a 6.50! However, the previously repaired bonnet came apart through the finish line and took part of the right hand front wing with it…. but we had qualified! So, another evening was spent repairing more fibreglass!

Our first round of eliminations was against David Vegter…. a tough pairing but not impossible. Unfortunately it was not to be…. keeping the car running after the burnout was the problem so our day was done.


The weekend was really trying for the whole team…. and the wallet!

On to the National Finals. Would you believe we still had a chance of winning the Championship!!! Our performance and reliability had to be first class, and I know that the performance is there (plus more)! It’s the reliability that has caused us headaches though and, true to form, our gremlins were still present. The first and second qualifying sessions were missed and we only just made the final session with literally minutes to spare… all due to the ongoing starting and idling problem. We made a decision to literally just drive down the track to post a time and qualify.

The evening was spent discussing what we should do and concluded the correct answer to our problems was to sit out the next days eliminations. The car isn’t broken, it just isn’t running right. I know it can be rectified. So the winter will see the problems sorted and spares sourced…. the trouble is we have too long to wait to get back out there. The encouraging part is the data we have PROVES we have more performance available and the car is a blast to drive!

Would you believe we finished 4th in the MSA British Championship…? If only we could have kept the early season performance going!

THANK YOU to the crew this year, it has been hard fought. Gareth, Joe, Andy, Lee, Tony and Adam. Belinda, you get the biggest thanks for supporting me and putting up with us all. Our sponsors…  Lucas OilNGK, AllyFabDentRepairsCustom Coach Trimming and Originals Hot Rod Supply Co... are without doubt, the absolute best… I have said it before but I am truly grateful.

So, look out for the updates during the winter…. I know we will have a few things to share!”



Shake, Rattle & Roll

We mentioned we suffered some massive tyre shake at Santa Pod’s Festival of Power at the start of the season… well here’s the slow motion footage courtesy of Blackett Photography.

You can see just how violent the shake is, with the tyres deforming heavily and the door rattling like crazy… It’s not much fun sat in the drivers seat when it happens and it definitely does not help with performance! The shake was so bad it damaged the pinion gear in the axle, which we luckily found thanks to Webster Race Engineering after the event.

Big thanks to Ian Blackett for this amazing footage.