2013 Sponsorship

We have now had confirmation that all our sponsors from last year have agreed to support us once again for the 2013 season!

Big thanks go to Lucas Oil, NGK, AllyFab, DentRepairs and longtime supporter Originals Hot Rod Supply Co.. Please visit our sponsors page for more on the great products and services that they offer, and be sure to head over to their websites or give them a call to see what they can do for you.


We cannot wait for the season to start and we will be trying our hardest to make our sponsors and fans proud!

If you would like to join them and promote your company with the Lucky Devil Drag Racing team, please contact us.

Lucky Devil in the national press!

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond has posted an article on the Daily Mirror website highlighting some of the motorsport events forthcoming this year and the Lucky Devil takes pride of place at the top of the page with a tyre smoking burnout shot!

Photo by Ian BlackettCheck it out here: 2013 Calendar of Motoring Events

Santa Pod’s Summer Nationals is the highlighted drag racing event but the season does of course begin at Easter so keep an eye out for more updates soon!

Lucas Oil support for 2013

2012_09_07_EuroFinals_231We are very pleased to say we have LUCAS OIL working with us again next year. We have had genuinely great results with LUCAS products. It would be very easy to say that a product is good when you are using it from a company that are supporting you but realistically, we couldn’t afford to use anything other than a truly great product.

We recently had a team gathering and one of the questions the crew asked was “are we still using LUCAS next year?” So, I am genuinely pleased with the continued support from LUCAS. I have recommended their products to others, again with great results, and it is great to know that we are known by others for using the brand and having good results with it.

Lucas OilTHANK YOU to www.lucasoil.co.uk for great products and support!


Top Gear Live

Lucky Devil at Top Gear Live 2012“WOW!!! What a busy weekend we had at the Top Gear Live show… We had crowds of people round our race car all weekend and it was great talking to people about drag racing. Many of them knew very little, if anything, about our fantastic sport.

I’m sure that the power figures and the performance numbers we were talking about didn’t make sense at first to a lot of people, but many were very enthusiastic, and I’m really sure we will see some new blood at Santa Pod next season.

One family asked “what is the point”? After a very detailed and enthusiastic explanation they were clearly very interested, and I have already had an e-mail from them saying they will be paying a visit to Santa Pod next year…… result!!!

Of course, we gave our sponsors as much exposure as possible, and many people commented accordingly. So, the weekend was a great success… thank you to all the visitors for the interest and enthusiasm shown, and again, a BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters, I’m sure we did you proud.

More great news soon……….”


The Season Finale

2012_09_07_EuroFinals_231The National Finals at the end of September found us with a distinct possibility of finishing second in the National Championship… who would have thought that?! We hadn’t performed too well all year, but being at every event and being able to repair things when needed saw us being relatively consistent… and that’s what helps.

The important data we learnt at the European Finals helped us make some changes to the car. Let me tell you, rolling round on Saturday morning for the first qualifying run, I felt so sure, so confident that we were about to make a very big jump forward performance wise. I WAS SURE OF IT!!!

I rolled the gas pedal open as usual in the burnout, then BANG! I shut the motor off instantly and knew it was something in the transmission/drive line area. I was pushed back behind the start line and Lee Kirk opened the door and stared at me……… “Are you OK?!”… “Yes why?” I said… I took my helmet and neck brace off so I could look down… I wont repeat what I said, but I could now understand all the concern! Something had happened with the prop shaft and Lenco which resulted in the prop exiting the car in two pieces, making a mess of the trans shield and hoops on the way. The Lenco had seen better days too, it was quite badly damaged and leaking a lot of fluid. CARNAGE!

Thankfully the safety equipment did its job and no-one was hurt.

So, that was the end of 2012 for the Lucky Devil team. We ended 4th in the MSA British Drag Racing Championship, not too bad considering our performance this year.

Photo courtesy & © Blackjake Bulldographies • www.blackjake.frAll that is left to say is A BIG THANK YOU. To all the crew, Dennis, Adam, Tony, Andy and Lee. Gareth and Joe, our two boys for helping out and being at the track when they could. Keep up the good work at university boys! Belinda, my wife, for the fantastic support and help. I couldn’t do it without you 🙂

Photo courtesy & © Blackjake Bulldographies • www.blackjake.frAnd of course our wonderful sponsors, Lucas Oil, NGK, Allyfab, Dentrepairs.co.uk and Originals Hot Rod Supply Co. for the great products and support. Thank you too to all the fans who say hi and wish us well at the track, it is very welcome.

2013 will see us back at it after a winter repair and rebuild programme. We will be looking out for more companies to come on board as sponsors too, and of course we will keep you all updated with news and progress. Roll on Easter!”