The 2012 FIA European Finals

Photo courtesy and © Mad Welshman“My favourite event of the year came round in early September… The FIA European Finals! We had all the same super crew that came to Hockenheim with us, apart from Joe our youngest son. Joe started University at Preston that same week, where he is studying Sports Psychology. Drag Racing has a lot of that, well done Joe.

We qualified reasonably well, although not back to our best performance, and drew Andy Wright’s bad ass Ford in the first round of eliminations. For some reason, neither of us would go in to ‘full stage’, and we had a good old-fashioned burn down on the tree!!! So much so, that Ian Marshall (the chief starter) put the start button down, folded his arms and watched! Andy eventually went in to stage first and I followed… Andy left first, but fortunately we had the better performance and WON with our first SIX for ages, a 6.93 at 193mph!

Giving Bruno a good run in Round 2Moving into Round 2, we had Bruno Bader in the “Gotham City” ’63 Corvette. Bruno was in the running for the European Championship so we just had to give him a race, even though on paper he had us covered. I had the advantage on Bruno from the tree, but he soon powered out in front with a 6.18 to our 6.69 at 198mph! The race itself was much closer than the numbers would indicate, and we learnt a lot from the data on that run, a LOT!!!

Euro Finals 2012 CrewSo that was the European Finals for us, a fantastic weekend, the place was full of spectators, the weather was awesome and it must have been the best race event at Santa Pod for quite some time. The super crew of Dennis, Tony, Adam and Andy and Lee Kirk, did a truly fantastic job all weekend. THANK YOU. Also thanks to our sponsors, Lucas Oil, NGK, Allyfab, and Originals Supply Co. for their continued support!”


Corvette Club UK

We have been featured in the latest Corvette Club Newsletter. We could quite possibly be the quickest Corvette the club have featured? Thanks to the club members for all the interest they have shown!

Check out the club website at


“Well, we were very well prepared for our first ever trip to Hockenheim in Germany for the NitrOlympx. All the travel arrangements were made, our truck was complete with spares, tools, fuel and all the support equipment we needed and all the crew were very enthusiastic………..

What we didn’t expect were the track conditions, they were so poor. The story appears to be that, the drag strip was chemically cleaned to get rid off the rubber on it!! This was because the drag strip is part of a run off area for the F1 guys, who had raced there a couple of weeks earlier.

HockenheimWe tried, just like everyone else, to get down the track. I decided to leave the line in second gear and from idle…….. and it still went up in smoke…… pedalling it up the track gave us a 9.05!!! The track was so bad that Robert Joosten lost control and hit the wall during the burnout. So we decided to sit the rest of qualifying out.

We had finished 3rd after the first session, and were still 9th after the third. Quite a few guys didn’t complete all the sessions.

The event was eventually called off for all Pro classes…….. even 11 second sportsman cars were spinning the tyres… so we had no chance. However, not to be down hearted. We all still had a great time, fantastic weather, a great road trip (1498 miles), lots of laughs and another great experience.

hockenheim2Thanks to all the crew, Dennis, Adam, Joe and Tony. And the new recruits, Andy and Lee Kirk. Thank you! Not forgetting Belinda, who deserves a medal for keeping us all in check and looking after us for a week.

Of course, our sponsors really do a good job too…. Lucas Oil, NGK, Ally Fab, and Originals Hot Rod Supply Co... we flew the flag for you all, THANKS GUYS!

Huge crowd at HockenheimHopefully the next time we are there the crowds will get to see a bit more of us, all 64,000 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Mid Season Update

2012_06_02_MainEvent_114“Well since the beginning of this season we have struggled a bit. We don’t have any problem at all in making the power but we have found ourselves in a situation where we have to try and control and use the power that we have.

This is the knack in Pro-Modified drag racing. Our best of 6.58 at 214mph was relatively straightforward, but trying to go quicker is a little bit more difficult.

However, we have learnt a lot this year and picked up some very useful data at Santa Pod’s Summer Nationals. I am sure we can use this to help us go even quicker before the end of the season.

july12-06I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU once again to our crew and sponsors, the support is without doubt, the best. LUCAS OIL have given us a new product to use this year “Extreme Pressure Valve Train Grease”, and I have to say we are very pleased with it. This is just one example of the great support we have.

Look out for us throughout the rest of the year… our next stop is HOCKENHEIM in GERMANY for the Nitro Olympx, our first European trip… lets see if we can use some of that all important info we have gathered.

See you soon!”


The Lucky Devil’s Race Rig

“We have mentioned several times how important it is to us, and how grateful we are, to have a number of fantastic sponsors. So, as well as having their company logo and details on our car, we have added them to our race rig too. This is the truck that has been “built” in house by myself and the team to carry the car and equipment, as well as keep us in shelter and comfort whilst at the track.

The truck has just been repainted after the modifications, so we have a nice big available space for our team livery (coming soon) and of course to attract more sponsors. We definitely get great exposure for the team and our sponsors whilst at the track, through the website you are reading now, and even more now with the available space on the truck that can be seen at the track, as well as on the open road.

Let us know if we can help you advertise your business by contacting us.

Thanks again everyone…”


The (slightly soggy) Easter Thunderball

Easter 2012“Well, Easter weekend at Santa Pod was our first race event this year and I’m very pleased to say we were there with the same great crew as last year (thanks guys!) and also Gareth, our eldest son, enjoying a well earned break from University.

We started the weekend with a couple of problems with our Bruno/Lenco transmission. We had the parts we needed with us, but they were wrong! So a trip to Wolverhampton was required to Penn Autos – many thanks to Andy Frost for his help.

The rest of the weekend we struggled getting down the very cold and damp track, qualifying with a 8.1 at 206mph after pedalling it for over 1.5 seconds!!!


Unfortunately, the event was “rained off” thanks to the typical Great British weather so we didn’t get chance to turn a wheel in competition. We now have to wait for the Main Event in June, where I’m sure we will do well.

Apart from our little issue with the transmission, everything else was fine. Big thanks to LUCAS OIL and NGK for providing us with truly great products.

Callum and LibbyOf course during all the down time due to the weather, it gave the crew chance try out the new shirts and make friends with Callum and Libby, whose mum and dad work as medics at the track.

Thanks again to all our supporters, crew and sponsors who make all this possible……….”


Lucky Devil are once again very pleased to introduce a new sponsor – These guys work wonders with massaging metal back to how it should be.. usually those annoying dents you pick up in car parks! In the old days a lot of damage needed paintwork after it had been repaired, their methods can be a much more cost effective way of repairing your pride and joy.

THANK YOU to Dan at for his support. Dan and his team were blown away with the performance figures we talked about, and I don’t think it was making sense at first!

Give the boys a try, great service and quality work.